Certified according to ISO 9001:2015

The quality of our services as a partner in trade and drop shipment business is becoming more and more important due to increasing requirements of the market and expectations of interested parties in the context of our organisation, such as forwarding companies, warehousing companies and customs.

It is therefore particularly important to us not only to maintain and cultivate the level of quality we have achieved, but also to continuously improve it.

Our entrepreneurial goals:

  • to achieve the satisfaction of our customers, partner companies such as forwarders, warehouse keepers and employees as well as other interested parties by providing faultless services
  • to secure the economic viability of the company and the associated jobs.
  • to promote the information and motivation of all employees by involving them in relevant processes and by providing further training
  • the assurance of the quality standards achieved and their continuous improvement.

We commit ourselves by:

  • To make quality rules and regulations known to employees and all relevant interested parties, to comply with them and to enforce implementation and compliance among employees,
  • to create the necessary technical, organisational, financial and personnel conditions within the scope of our respective responsibilities to ensure high-quality services,
  • to analyse causes for deviations in the QM system and to define measures,
  • to support the joint responsibility of all employees for quality in their area,
  • to define the measures required for this in our Quality Managent Manual as well as in the co-applicable documents mentioned therein and to make them binding for all of us,
  • to have the compliance and effectiveness of the measures for achieving the above-mentioned goals reviewed by our management at regular intervals

The company policy is defined by the management and applies to all company divisions. It is binding for all employees and is regularly evaluated and checked for its appropriateness in the management review and by internal audits, and adapted and continued if necessary.

Through IT, training and quality audits, the management ensures that the quality policy is communicated, understood and observed.